Approved Mental Health Professional Survey update

We have received an excellent response to the national Approved Mental Health Professional (AMHP) survey in the first month of its administration. Almost 350 AMHPs have completed the survey so far.

The 2012 national AMHP survey is evaluating whether levels of stress and burnout have changed for this group of professionals in the last decade. Also, as it is the first national survey since the widening of the statutory role to other mental health professionals, it will allow us to compare levels of stress and burnout between social work and non-social work AMHPs for the first time.

To enable the survey to provide important data to inform AMHP policy and practice nationally we need a high response from AMHPs across England. We have had a great start, but there is still a long way to go. In particular, we would like to hear from more non-social work AMHPs as all but 17 respondents are social workers so far. Therefore, if you know a non-social work AMHP, please ask them to take the survey (please see link at the bottom of this post).

The survey is being promoted via social media and AMHP leads across the country. We are very grateful to the support of everyone who have helped to spread the word about it. Particularly, we are grateful for the following sites who have  posted information about the study:

Community Care news

Community Care blogs

Masked AMHP

The not so big society

The Care Guy

Care Training

We still need your help to achieve a high response over the next two months. There are a number of ways in which you can help to promote the survey:

1) If you are an Approved Mental Health Professional working in England, please take the survey if you have not done so already. The link is below.

2) If you know an Approved Mental Health Professional working in England, please email them the link to the survey.

3) If you don’t know any Approved Mental Health Professionals working in England but want to help distribute the survey, please use social media tools such as twitter, facebook, linkedIn, blogs or whatever you use to connect with other people, to send the link around.

The online survey takes only 10-15 minutes to complete and an information sheet containing further details about the study is displayed on the first page. If you would like to read more about and/or complete the survey please click on the link below:

This study is being led by Janine Hudson, an experienced AMHP studying the MSc Mental Health Social Work with Children & Adults programme at the Institute of Psychiatry. The survey questionnaire has been pre-tested by AMHPs and other social workers. The survey will remain open until the end of March 2012.

Thank you in advance for your time and support.


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